(WFRV) – Gusty winds up to 50 mph will be possible in our area this evening into the overnight hours. Snow showers may accompany these winds which could result in localized snow squalls.

A snow squall is a short-lived intense heavy band of snow that drops visibility quickly with gusty winds. They can even cause sudden whiteout conditions. Since 2018, the National Weather Service instituted a new type of warning that aims to bring situational awareness to drivers on the roadways when snow squalls could cause injuries or accidents. Similar to a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warnings, these are issued generally 30-60 minutes out in a smaller boxed-in area.

Since they have been introduced, the National Weather Service in Green Bay and Milwaukee have never issued this type of warning. With the conditions today, there is the possibility you could see this alert jump up on your phone similar to that of a tornado warning.