Kingsford High School band marches on through COVID-19

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KINGSFORD, Mich., (WJMN) – With restrictions on how many people can be at sporting events this year, director of bands at Kingsford High School, Logan Galindo says they decided to have marching performances outside of football games.

“Marching band and football we’re both kind of a little lost without the other but when everything’s said and done there’s no reason we can’t do it without each other,” said Galindo. “Unfortunately we’re limited to the amount of kids we can have so it just makes a lot more sense to split it up and have seperate performances the parents of the band kids are able to the band shows and the parents of the football can go to football.”

Due to some of their students being virtual learners, they are down to a 97 person marching band this year. Galindo says they hope to have a few more shows, but it all depends on COVID-19. He says they are going on a weekly basis with planning but hope to have their next performance in October.

“It’s kind of a tricky thing to say how many are we going to have, it’s one after another we take it step by step, hopefully, I’d like to have two more after this,” said Galindo “Our next tentative performance is October 16th I believe and we’re hoping to get one more after that but it’s a week by week thing.”

The shows will be a half hour long and feature the schools fight song, some tunes they would play at half time and a performance by their drumline.

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